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AAC Cyclops

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The CYCLOPS is a compact, light-weight sound and flash suppressor designed to reduce the sound and visible flash signature of bolt action and single shot rifles chambering the .50 BMG cartridge. The revolutionary design of the CYCLOPS significantly reduces felt recoil, environmental disturbance, and preserves the hearing of shooters and observers by delivering an overall sound signature well below the pain threshold and risk limit for hearing loss. The CYCLOPS is constructed of specially heat treated high strength alloys and is CNC fusion welded to yield a structure that can withstand the intense pressures of the .50 BMG cartridge. The CYCLOPS couples to a proprietary muzzle brake using a durable ACME type thread and a spring biased secondary latch, allowing users to install or remove the suppressor in less than 10 seconds. Both the suppressor and muzzle brake are finished in Matte Black.

Weight: 4 lbs 15 oz

Length: 15.75"

Length added: 12.65"

Diameter: 2.50"

Finish: Gun-Kote™ & SCARmor™

Sound Reduction: 32dB (Hearing Safe)

Mount: Ratchet Mount

Materials: Alloy Steel


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