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Silencerco Salvo 12

Price: $750.00
MSRP: $1,440.00

The SilencerCo Salvo 12 is the first and only commercially-viable shotgun suppressor on earth. It represents an incredible advance in engineering and technology, and carries with it the same quality and service as SilencerCo’s other products.

Every year, millions of sportsmen and women venture into the fields to hunt. While rifle and handgun suppressors continue to increase in popularity, shotgun owners have been without a real solution for ear protection. Some choose hearing preservation in the form of earmuffs or plugs for relief in controlled environments, but spurn their use in the field or in a home protection scenario, where the ability to detect other sounds is critical.

The Salvo 12 is modular in nature — the shooter can add or remove sections to balance their sound suppression, weight and length needs.

Whether you grab a shotgun for hunting, shooting clays or home defense, the Salvo 12 fits most common shotguns — provided you have a choked barrel. The suppressor attaches to the the existing choke threads via an adapter. Due to differences in shotgun manufacturer and choke preference, it is important that you select the correct adapter.

The Salvo 12 is just one more example of the type of innovation that has garnered a fiercely loyal customer base for SilencerCo.


12 ga.


12″ – 34.5 OZ
10″ – 30 OZ
8″ – 25.5 OZ
6″ – 21 OZ



12 GA – 18″ Barrel – 137.4 dB
12 GA – 26″ Barrel – 136.5 dB

Hard Coat Anodized

7075 T6 Aluminum
17-4 Stainless Steel

User Serviceable
Variable-Length Configurations

Lifetime Warranty Lightweight

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Choke Kit Guide

Use this guide to help determine which choke kit you need.

  • Remington Choke Kit Fits: 870, 887, 11-87, 1100
  • Remington Pro Bore Fits: Versamax, 105 cti, 1100 Competition, 870 Bone Collector
  • Mossberg, Browning, FNH, Winchester Fits: Pretty much any threaded choke from these brands
  • Benelli Mobil Style Fits: Nova, SuperNova, M4, M1, Beretta: A300 3901, Weatherby: SA-08, PA-08, SA-459, PA-459
  • Benelli Crio Style Fits: Super Black Eagle 2, M2, Super Vinci, Vinci Tactical, Vinci, Ultralight, Sport 2, Legacy Sport, Super Sport, Cordoba
  • Saiga/Vepr: External muzzle device threaded using M22x75 threads

The choke is used to attach the Salvo 12 to your shotgun, and you can purchase either individual chokes, or a choke kit.  The kit comes with 3 chokes in Improved, Modified and Full.

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