Purchasing With A Payment Plan

Alabama Residents:

Payment Plans provide you the option of having the ATF Form 4 initiated while you make 5 payments (down payment plus 4 equal monthly installments) as your NFA item is pending ATF approval.

Non-Alabama Residents:

You are welcome to use this, but please see the FAQs below!


Who Is Eligible To Use A Payment Plan?

The Payment Plan purchase option was added to help Alabama residents in spreading out the cost of a suppressor purchase over multiple months. Typically, the ATF approval time exceeds the Payment Plan duration so we are able to initiate the Form 4 transfer immediately.

Non-Alabama residents are welcome to use the Payment Plan purchase option, but the Form 3 transfer, to your local dealer, will not be initiated until receipt of the final payment.

After the down payment has been made, we will initiate the Form 4 transfer paperwork. Alabama residents only.

The Form 3 transfer, to your local dealer, will not be initiated until receipt of the final payment.

The service fee varies by item but typically there is a 10-20% service fee applied to your order when you use a Payment Plan.

Most NFA items (suppressors, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, AOWs, etc.) are eligible to be purchased using a Payment Plan. Accessories are not eligible for this purchase option.

When using the Payment Plan purchase option, 20% is added to the purchase price. The down payment is 20% of the purchase price and you will then make 4 equal installment payments (25% of the purchase price) over the next 4 months (1 payment due each month) to pay off your balance.

Suppressor Price: $500.00
Service Fee (20%): $100.00
Purchase Price: $600.00

  • 20% Down Payment: $100.00
  • 25% Installment #1: $125.00
  • 25% Installment #2: $125.00
  • 25% Installment #3: $125.00
  • 25% Installment #4: $125.00

To make a payment, login to your Black Ankle Munitions and click on the My Payments link. Then click on the “Pay” link for your Payment Plan. Installment payments should be made on or before the due date listed for each installment in your order. You will receive a reminder email 5 days before your payment is due.

Please Note: Automated recurring payments are not available at this time. You will need to complete the payment by following the directions above.

Yes, early payments are allowed and can be accessed through the My Account page.

*Please note that early payments do not reduce interest or change the final purchase price of using the payment plan.

If you miss a payment due date, you will be granted a one-time 15-day grace period before your Payment Plan order is cancelled. If you miss an additional payment due date, the Payment Plan order will be cancelled and the products are returned to stock.

Once Payment Plan products are returned to stock for delinquency of payment, all service fees and payments (down payment and any installment payments) that were paid towards balance are non-refundable.

Payment plans can be cancelled within 5 calendar days from the date of purchase.

*If you request to cancel your payment plan, the initial-order payment is non-refundable.