Sales and Service Policies


Black Ankle Munitions is happy to transfer your firearm to you from an out-of-state seller. We will accept shipments from both FFL's and non-licensees. We do not provide a copy of our FFL to non-licensees as they can verify our license using the ATF's FFL EzCheck. We do require non-licensees to include a copy of their driver's license so that we can accurately record in our bound book the source of the firearm and keep our ATF compliance inspector happy.

If the FBI NICS denies the transfer, the buyer has two choices:
- Arrange with the seller for the return of the firearm and pay us for return shipping, or
- Consign the firearm with us.

The transfer fee, due at the beginning of the process, is $25 for the first firearm and $15 per additional firearm on the same 4473. This fee covers performing the required NICS background check and the required paperwork (Form 4473).

For NFA items, the transfer fee is $75, due at the beginning of the process.


The consignment fee shall be 10% of the selling price of the item, with a minimum fee of $40 per item, and a maximum fee of $1,000 per item.  Fees for other services provided by Black Ankle Munitions (e.g. cleaning or repair) or for services provided by third-party vendors (e.g. auction listing fees) are additional and are not included in the consignment fee.

For all firearms that do not sell, or if the consignor decides to have consigned items returned, Federal Law requires that the consignor complete all appropriate forms as if they were purchasing the firearm. This will require performing a NICS background check and the standard $25 transfer fee.

Out-of-state buyers must pay insured shipping to their FFL.